Learmonth Foundations enables sustainable Enterprises and Initiatives that are consistent with its Purpose and Values to produce surpluses that are reinvested in that purpose to fund the vision.

Enabling sustainable Enterprises and Initiatives

Learmonth Foundations enables sustainable Enterprises and Initiatives that are:
• Feasible, fundable and consistent with its Purpose and Values,
• Repeatable and timely, and
• Have an owner or champion.

It is not a Charity, however it can:
• Provide working capital – including from sales or via purchases
• Provide services – including Grant Applications or Accelerator development of ‘Ideas’
• Underwrite – to enable things to start
• Fund – as a last ‘port of call’ – provided certain criteria are met.

Values, Vision and Cooperation

Learmonth Foundations is driven, not by competition, but by ‘Values, Vision and Cooperation’. The aim is to promote regenerative community development, including the physical and social environment, connections to indigenous owners and European development.

Hindsight + Foresight + Insight + Action

Learmonth Foundations is guided by a continuing process of learning from the past, stepping out into the future, developing insights, and acting.

Core Priority Areas

Infrastructure, Finance & Grants

This core priority area aims to improve infrastructure by investing in buildings that increase Learmonth Foundations capacity to deliver its brand promise. Its process is to acquire, improve, tenant and then sell or hold and repeat. Everyone is invited to participate – suitable for SMSF. (Delivered by LF)

Events, Initiatives & Brand

This core priority area seeks to support the design and operations of sustainable events and initiatives that will build the Learmonth Brand. The initial focus is on ‘Social Impact’ through ‘Cider + Food + Culture + Learning’, including:
• Developing the framework for the events calendar (Delivered by LF, LC and others)
• IAH and Fundraising, such as books. (Delivered by LF)

Learning, Innovation & Consulting

This core priority area seeks to promote a greater understanding of ‘Place’ and build a strong training and professional services business utilising IP and Mosaic’s design and innovation methods, including:
• Training to improve local capabilities in ‘E2E’ cider (Delivered by LC)
• Fee-earning professional projects, including
– Indigenous Community
– Regenergative Farming
– Financing
– Chronic Disease. (Delivered by LF)

Growing, Making & Selling

This core priority area is an ‘E2E’ Cider enterprise with significant assets that can be used to support the development of the Learmonth Foundations purpose. It develops and delivers value-added products and services. (Delivered by LC)

Community Engagement

Learmonth Foundations coordinates, communicates and engages. It cannot, and does not, seek to do everything. Rather it seeks to fill gaps, provide additional inputs and assist in co-ordination when required. Community and stakeholder engagement is undertaken:

  • formally, using Forums (physical & virtual), and
  • informally.


We work extensively with trusted partners, locally and globally, to deliver successful outcomes. Local partners include:

Orchards at Spring Vale Farm

Looking for somewhere different to stay, hold your wedding or special event? Orchards at Spring Vale Farm ticks all the boxes boasting luxury accommodation in an 1860s bluestone homestead, manicured lawns, romantic water fountains, original dry-stoned walls, a spring fed dam and a picturesque apple orchard boasting over one thousand heritage apple trees.
Linette Penhall 0419 542 714

Café Sidra
Serving delicious food and beverages – indoors or out. We are currently taking bookings for lunch Tuesday – Saturday (kitchen closes 2pm). Please contact us directly to secure your spot. We also offer venue hire for groups of up to 200 people. To enquire about your event or details regarding venue hire fees, minimum spends and menu options, please contact us:
Anthony or Belinda (03) 5343 2272


321 Cider
Inspired by the traditional ciders of England and Ireland, this award-winning cider is created from heritage apple varieties grown locally at Spring Vale Farm. With a Cuvée (premium sparkling), Traditional Still (refined and slightly dry) or Heritage cider to choose from, there will surely be a 321 Cider to suit your palette. All can be purchased from Café Sidra, 321 High Street, Learmonth.
Anthony or Belinda (03) 5343 2272

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