Learmonth Foundations is a ‘for purpose’ company. Its focus is the development of community capability, wellbeing and enterprise. It seeks to make a sustainable and enduring contribution to Learmonth and the surrounding community.

Our Vision

Social Enhancement

Economic Improvement


Learmonth Foundations aims to make a difference to Learmonth in terms of:

• Social Enhancement
• Economic Improvement and
• Promotion.

Learmonth Foundations aims to become a sustainable ‘Best Practice’ Education, Research, Innovation, Production and Tourist ‘Hub’. Given our base in the former Learmonth Primary School, the emphasis is on Learning and Innovation.

The focus at first will be on developing local cider (Learmonth Cider) as an ‘end-to-end’ (E2E) enterprise. Other local products and services will follow.

Our Values and Principles

Active Economy

Beautiful Society

Clean Earth

Our actions are guided by the values and principles reflected in the United Nations’ Development Goals outlined in an ‘ABC World’:

• A (active economy) – Productive jobs, Sustainable cities, Fulfilling lives
• B (beautiful society) – Resilient individuals, Cohesive families, Inclusive communities
• C (clean earth) – Fresh air, Clean water, Cool world.

Our Purpose

Learmonth Foundations is about enabling sustainable Enterprises and Initiatives that are feasible, repeatable and have an owner or champion.


Learmonth Foundations facilitates all activities. It provides governance – but not management – of all related Enterprises and Initiatives. Although a private company, it is an open organisation led by an independent Governance Board, comprising people with outstanding qualifications.

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